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If there is a will and you want to help animals, there are thousand ways to help – Vivek Chevvakula – Story#2

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Country: INDIA

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True Story

A young mind set on a daunting target, to curb the conflict between man and animal, to set right the cruel treatment directed towards animals, to finally fulfill the ignored responsibility, that has now turned into an obligation as he would like to call it, Vivek Chevvakula , currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy and a graduate of Commerce is amongst all things a truly compassionate , focused , practical , dedicated, all-round personality gunning for the right impact. Here is what he has to share with the world.

Vivek Chevvakula (in his words)

My journey began at a very young age , my father is a very compassionate man, who takes care of the safety and wellbeing of the street animals that live around us , this has been my inspiration, right from grade 7, when I finallythe animal rescuer - vivek chevvakula - animal rescuer realized that being a mute spectator to the cruel and ignorant behavior of human beings towards the street animals needed to change, it became my goal ever since, down the line, I want to set up a shelter for homeless street animals and also provide a platform for animal welfare awareness and reach out to as many people as possible with an aim to resolve this existential conflict between man and his surrounding beings.

It moves me, how pathetic the life of a street animal is, how people have forgotten their responsibility to look out for other living beings in their environment, the general lack of proper infrastructure, sanitary surroundings , reckless handling of animals at sterilization centres managed by the municipalities and panchayats, lack of strong birth control mechanisms, ignorance about the minimal care, attention required from people, so that there is a safe habitat for street animals, birds, poultry and sometimes even in the case of pet animals, it has now become an obligation and not a duty .

I have handled many cases wherein, the abandoned animal for rescue is in a terrible condition and needs immediate the animal saver - vivek chevvakula - animal rescuermedical attention, continuous monitoring, timely care, and a companion to look after. It’s not an easy job either, after doing the above, to finally find a home for them to live happily. The lack of interest in taking action among people, to adopt and look after the street animals is really a sad story to tell. But, it’s not only about the shortcomings, it really makes my heart fill with happiness when people come around and help us rescue animals, keep us informed and share some of the responsibility, I really wish the day is not far when we can completely provide a safe and healthy home for all the street animals, it is only a comprehensive, continuous, focused effort away.

It is deeply gratifying each time, when we rescue a distressed animal, when an injured animal finally recovers, when a homeless animal gets adopted into a great home, it really makes me forget the hardship and gives meaning to my life and keeps me going through all the inconveniences and troublesome situations. I also have to thank my family and friends who are always available to share the responsibility and take immediate action in the time of need, it is not only about me doing good work, it is about collective sharing of responsibilities and putting the animal the requires help above each of us and do the needful.

Finally, I want to stress that “the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those the animal saver - vivek chevvakula - animal rescuerwho look and do nothing!” the cruelty that is committed with respect to animals is multifold than that which is being committed against humans, who turn a blind eye towards this issue , I ask all the animal lovers to take action, come forward and participate, it is difficult and you might find yourself alone but slowly and surely you will find the strength and support required to complete the task. It is really a life-changing experience to serve those who need our service. Thank you.

TAS Message

That is Vivek with his eye only for the solution to resolve the conflict between man and animal. To identify the problem equals half the solution. The Animal Saver (TAS) truly wishes success for all your endeavors. Active participation in rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of distressed animals has always been the primary issue of animal welfare, we urge all helping hands to come forward and spread the message “No help is small, no result without action and no tomorrow without today!”

If you like to support Vivek Chevvakula, please reach us by clicking here. Please extend your support, so that he can save more animals on the field and inspires people around.

Host: Lakshman Molleti

Interviewer:srilekha sannidhanam

Writer: raven by thoughts


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