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Every living being fulfills its duty unto Nature, So should Human Beings – Shiva Kumar Varma – Story#3

shiva with a calf

Country: INDIA

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Thorough understanding of the environment is his strength. Wildlife photography for conservation is his motto. Furthermore, animal rescue, recovery and release are his forte. An activist by setting an example. Fighting till the fight lasts is Shiva’s personality.

Naturally gifted, extremely passionate and highly productive. Shiva Kumar Varma is born with a connection to animals. An Engineer by qualification, Business Development Manager by designation. Shiva works for an organization focusing on renewable energy.

“Passion is the only qualification,” says Shiva. Uniquely Shiva’s journey is an insightful one. Well-equipped and experienced in sensitive rescues and rehabilitation. Likewise, his stories of release are an utter joy. Although he has much on his plate, he hasn’t had enough.

Truly, Shiva’s fire for conservation and welfare is well placed. Shiva is a Vegan, animal rescuer and welfare activist. Additionally, he’s a wildlife conservationist, photographer, and environmentalist.

shiva with his projectTogether with his modesty and passion, he acts with sincerity. Correspondingly, his achievements speak for him. As a college goer, his accomplishments are impressive. A Solar Amphibian Vehicle and a solar drone. Moreover, as an employee, he encourages compassion and care. Not only towards animals but also birds, insects and the like. Every living creature fulfills its duty unto nature, so should Humans.

In fact, let’s read about his insights. His exciting, joyous journey in his own words.

Shiva Kumar Varma (in his words):


I was 2 years old. My grandmother brought fish to cook for us. I instinctively refused. I urged that it’s not meant for eating. Fishes swim in water. They are not food for humans. For the most part, my family agreed. Later my brother

shiva with a rescue dog
shiva with a rescue dog

and family turned vegetarian too. Consequently, I turned into a Vegan as well.

Watching the trees, plants and animals gives me contentment. The environment is extremely precious and needs protection. Certainly, it is not that difficult.

For example, if a person takes a few native plants. First, plant them and take simple care of it. They will grow into trees. Second, speak to your colony incharge, spread to just your colony. Third, speak to your electricity board and get PVC covering on the wires. Done. Imagine the impact. All you take care of is just your surroundings. It is as simple as that.


In college, I wanted to create something sustainable. I designed a Solar Amphibian Vehicle. For one thing, it runs on solar energy. For the other, it runs both on land and water.

wild life photography

Later on, I wanted to build a Solar drone. It was a task. Firstly, weight and proportion needs precision. Secondly, solar panels are heavier. To find the right resource is difficult. It took some time. During my search, there was discouragement as well. But finally, I found a solution. In due time, help came from a manufacturer. I successfully built a solar drone. It flew for five minutes continuously. It felt really great!

Additionally, I developed an interest in wildlife conservation. I photograph rare species. Sometimes I associate with the Forest Department. The main aim is to conserve rare species. Bring awareness. Provide better habitats for them.

I recently clicked a picture. Two eagles fighting over a plastic bag. They thought it was food. It’s a devastating feeling, to click such images. On the positive side, WWF requested for it. World Wildlife Fund (Hyderabad). For the purpose of building awareness on plastic damage.

I started a website called ANIMAL BLOOD LINE, to find the blood for animals easily. For more information please visit the website here


To begin with, I love nature and the environment. We only have one planet. All other beings are dutiful. For instance, a bee does its duty. We will become extinct without them. A simple dung beetle. It is such a huge contributor. They collect dung and conserve the soil. There is a bigger picture of every living being.

pug marks for tiger census
pug marks for tiger census

A tiger male, can cover more than 100 sq.kms. It protects the ecosystem in that area. Research says the ecological value of a tiger is 250 crores. That is its value, never underestimate it. A tiger will ensure a balance exists.

To demonstrate the big picture. A single tiger is a sign of a balanced ecosystem. Now, this balanced ecosystem a.k.a forest will absorb Carbon dioxide. Our carbon emissions get absorbed. Global warming goes down. As a result, rainfall, temperatures, and climate readjusts. More rainfall, more flow in rivers. More river water means no scarcity. And so on. For this reason, we should protect wildlife.


I have rescued a number of animals. My journey with animals is a very long one. My experience has always been a deeply satisfying one. In essence, animals and birds are very grateful. Instantly, they react and it’s a thankful reaction. To sum up, I can recollect a story or two.

shiva with a wild animal

I recently rescued a Black Kite. It looks like an eagle to a normal person. It sustained injuries. I treated it. Finally, it was ready for release. I released the bird into the air. In general, we think it’s going to just fly away. It did not and hovered over my head in circles. It lingered around for a quarter of an hour. Then left. I know that it was giving thanks. It’s the most compelling evidence of a connection. Few birds keep coming back and visit us too.

To put it in another way, I rescued an insect. It was orange and red in color. Extremely beautiful to look at. It was drowning in my water bowl meant for birds. I gently picked it up and removed it. Once on land, it was beautiful to watch. Truly relieved, the insect just flapped its wings. It was finally free from the struggle. It can’t hover over me. But it gives thanks through its body. The relief is clear to us. It’s the best part about rescues. I love doing it because it makes a difference to them.


It is important to realize that help exists. The first thing to remember is to start. In this age and era help is in abundance. There are numerous NGOs. A number of people doing good work. Just begin and support will come automatically. Furthermore, do your duty unto nature. Our lifestyle is the biggest problem. All the consumption for just enjoyment. No action towards conservation. In time to come, it is the only way out. Lead a simple life in harmony with nature. That’s all I have to say.


The bigger picture is always forgotten. But, individuals like Shiva Kumar remind us of our responsibility. The harmonious way of life is forgotten. And for this reason alone, everyone suffers. Especially the animal kind.

We pride ourselves on being on top of the food chain. Consequently forgotten, the responsibility chain. With this in mind, let’s stay inspired and change for the better. Thank you.

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Host: Lakshman Molleti

Interviewer: Devi Srilekha S

Writer: raven by thoughts

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