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Being a Vegan is not enough, you also have to become a Vegan activist – Astha Gupta – Story#1

astha gupta vegan activist - the animal saver

Country: INDIA

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The story of Astha Gupta

Keep calm and turn Vegan, would be the apt introduction of our endearing Astha Gupta, an Advocate by profession, conducted research and draft works for a law firm prior to becoming a resilient activist, ready to steer the world around her in the right direction. Her humble personality makes you want to believe that everything is possible if you are willing to put the right kind of effort. Determined, clear-headed and optimistic about her path and its challenges she shares with us her journey and experiences as a practicing Vegan and a proactive Vegan Activist.

Astha Gupta (in her words) :

As a child, I always loved animals and wanted to contribute for their well being and I thought, being a vegetarian, my duty was over, but a few years later, at an event dedicated for animal well being, I realized that my responsibility had The animal saver - Astha Gupta - Vegan activistonly just begun. That was the day when few of the volunteers at the event had introduced me to the realities of the world around me, the cruelty, unhygienic habitat, extreme exploitation extending into animal mutiny, it shook me. I had been so unaware and under-informed about how things worked for those mute creatures, it was very clear to me, that, there was a need to raise a voice for these voiceless souls who are mistreated beyond measure, for just commercial reasons, it is truly unfair. I then fully understood the importance and need for the concept of Veganism and what being a practicing Vegan would mean to me, the animals, the environment, the ecosystems and coexistence of all beings on this planet as a whole. I am since that moment, a practicing Vegan, I have since then dedicated my life to advocating realities and importance of Veganism as a part of Animal Welfare. I am today a full-time Vegan activist and I assure you, the job has just begun.

astha gupta the animal saver - vegan activist

To all those who have turned into a vegetarian, for ethical reasons and their love for animals, I can surely say with experience that, it is not enough, for people who have turned a Vegan , I would also say , being Vegan is not enough , you also have to become an activist , one has to make people aware and well informed as well as speak up for the rights of animals, spread the word about what  Veganism truly stands for and the rising need for action , we have reached the eleventh hour , it is time we realize our flaws and begin to work for a better, safer, healthier, happier life not just for animals but also for ourselves.

I am working as a full-time employee with an NGO that advocates Veganism and specifically focuses on building awareness. Initially, there were some doubts, dilemmas and questioning eyes, wondering what I was up to, but the right support from my family, friends and my peer group of activists have helped me in being a very clear and consistent focus on making the right impact and bring about real change. I am always questioned ” what is going to change if I turn Vegan, will everything else stop ? ” it definitely is heartbreaking to realize that the question has weight, but I am positive about it and would like to answer that ” Change always begins with one man ” and ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ” and I want each of us to take that step forward, come out of your comfort zone, do your research, become aware andastha gupta the animal saver - vegan activist explain the realities to others as well . If anything about me and the things I have said or the work I do has inspired you to want to practice Veganism, I would suggest you to do your research, it is going to keep you motivated and give you proper direction and instantaneously build a commitment within you to continue as a Vegan every day. It is not an easy job being an activist, even though I have my family’s utmost support, they are not Vegan, but this is to only state that despite the challenges we are going to face, never giving up and consistently following up the action is equally important. The effort is to make people aware, I have experienced multiple scenarios like mine where people are aware and transitioning slowly towards a Vegan lifestyle. It is a small step towards a brighter tomorrow and should be seen as a sign of progress and motivation to do better in the coming days.

My message to everyone would be to become aware , it is not entirely about being Vegan , like I have said earlier that I was once unaware and continued to live happily, same is the case with everyone else, even though we do not actively create the distress that exists, we are 100 % indirectly responsible for the current situation , our lack of action and misinformation contributes as much to the tyranny on animals as much as the direct actions . So I wholeheartedly ask everyone to make the effort to know about the drastic scenario we live in and work towards making the world a better place to coexist. Thank you.

TAS Message :

That is Astha Gupta striving for change with her voice and actions, promoting a particularly growing issue, importance of Vegan lifestyle. Veganism is one end of the spectrum of animal welfare, whereby one stops the activities that indirectly promote distress and contributes to a better life for the animal kind. Here at The Animal Saver, we throw light on the beacons of change, so we can wake up to a brighter tomorrow with an enhanced vision for all beings on this planet.

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Host: Lakshman Molleti

Interviewer:srilekha sannidhanam

Writer: raven by thoughts

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